Enchanted Island

Hi! Pete the Parrot here! Welcome!!!

I want you to know about all that’s happening here at EIAP (Enchanted Island Amusement Park)! We always have cool, FUN things going on! Learn more about EIAP here.

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Current Hours: Wed & Thur  10am – 4pm, Fri, Sat & Sun 10am – 8pm


Friday Night Special: Friday Nights Wristbands for children or adults are $8.50



Pass the word here and here!

*There are some height restrictions which you can see here.

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Come by and play with me! Ride all our rides! You can have an awesome Birthday or Company Picnic here too!

OUR ANYTIME BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: Book a Pete’s Package Birthday Party for any Friday and Receive $50 OFF!

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Our hours have changed for fall!

So come on by for some FUN!


~ Pete


2 Responses to Enchanted Island – Just For Fun!

  1. Jeanne McGraw says:

    My husband and I are grandparents and we would like to get a year round pass for each of our 5 grandchildren so we can bring them when we wish as they are young (5 and under) and really can’t be out at night as much as mornings. We used to enjoy getting there when you opened on Saturday mornings and our sons and daughters in law would join us but we really haven’t seen any year round pass offers in a very long time. We hoped to buy them around Christmastime when you had them last year but there were no offers and then there was a very brief 25% offer right after Christmas. We had purchased 50% off passes in the past – as these grandchildren are expensive when you pay full price. Do you have any deals on year round passes when you are buying more than 2 or 3? We also bought some adult passes to accompany them but haven’t seen that either.


    • @Jeanne: Thank you for your comments and question! I’m glad ya stopped by. I understand about those grandkids! Mine eat me out of nest and home! Yup, I’ve some grandparrots! (yup, I said grandparrots, not … parents!!). Gosh, I think I have about 256 or … oh, I’ve lost count! Well, anyhoot, I’m sorry to say that we don’t currently offer the year round passes at 50% off. But don’t get your feathers ruffled, we have 25% off year round passes coming up this summer. And we do have a pretty, squawkin’ good deal on year round passes … it’s buy two and get a discount on the third, and we offer that right now. But go ahead and give the office a call (602.254.1200) and my birdbrain buddies there will talk with you about it!

      Oh! And if you haven’t already, sign up to get emails of what we post here. You can be the first to learn about any of our specials, like the one on Friday evenings this month (and you can find out about that GIVEAWAY coming up next week, too). Some of our specials may be for just one day … so don’t miss out! Sign up now!

      Just For Fun!


      ~ Pete

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