Thank you so much for your efforts and hospitality that made our first ever company picnic a rousing success! Everyone commented on how helpful and wonderful your staff was and you yourself were a pleasure to work with. I appreciated your timely, professional responses with great information that helped me plan for our needs.

We look forward to coming back again next year.

Many thanks,

Matthew Wolach
Director of Sales


Dear Johnny,

The water slide was a hit! The kids really enjoyed it. Your staff was fabulous again like always. The DJ was great. Everyone had a wonderful time and the weather was great. Another successful picnic. The food, of course, was good and plenty of it. Thanks to you and your staff for doing a fantastic job!

Hickman’s Family Farms


Dear Theresa and Kraig,

As a company, Lyons Roofing would like to extend a heartfelt thanks for the incredible services offered by Enchanted Island, Johnny Cox and your staff.

Lyons’ Roofing Holiday Party was a huge success, even though 100 more people turned out than expected, Johnny Cox was reassuring in accommodating and smoothly managing the unexpected overflow.

I personally would like to thank Johnny for his professionalism through out the process of arranging such an event. It really was a pressure free experience, allowing everyone to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

I know that owners, Rhonda & Paul LaNue were very pleased with the outcome of honoring their employees for their loyalty, creating a lasting memory of for all!

There is already talk of next year’s party at the Enchanted Island!!!


Belinda Graves
Lyons Roofing


The picnic was great! Thank you so much! The food was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed themselves. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. Have a great day!!

Christina Kennedy
Accounting Specialist
Marco Crane & Rigging
Mardian Equipment
Main 602-272-2671


Theresa and Craig and Nikki!

Thank you so much for allowing me to help with the Easter Egg Hunt!

I enjoyed it immensely, despite the parents who refuse to play by the rules and kept stepping on the eggs and breaking them open!!!!!

Sorry I had to leave to fix dinner for my relatives, but that is something else I so enjoy doing…cooking and baking.

I applaud you guys for the orderly, organized and fun Egg Hunt you provide to the community! Great job with the PA system Theresa! Craig…couldn’t do it without you and Nikki, you’re the best, and very good at managing your team!!

God Bless you all…glad to say I know you all!

Becky Merritt


Good Morning Johnny,

We all had a wonderful time on Sunday. We have received great comments from a lot of the employees. Another successful picnic! Thank you and your staff for all your wonderful help. I think you guys do a fabulous job.


Hickman’s Egg Farm



Jessica Allen (from Facebook)



I know you have been busy with all the events that have been going on but would like to tell you how exciting it was to partner with you on the Foster children event. You continue to amaze me on how well organized your events are at Enchanted Island. The Phoenix Fire Department does many many events throughout the year and this event rates right up there with the best.  The Foster Children event was such a huge success as we educated thousands of children and their families and I am sure saved many lives while still having loads of fun during event. Hope to continue to be invited to future events as Enchanted Island knows how to put on an event. Again thank you for all you do for our community.

Dave Wilson
Community Involvement
Phoenix Fire Department
150 S. 12th St.
Phoenix, AZ  85034


Kraig, Theresa, Johnny, and park staff,

Thanks for such a wonderful day at the foster carnival! You and your staff went above and beyond yet again! There were thousands of children having their time of their life and eating to their hearts content! Everywhere you went at the island, you were surrounded by happy kids and adults! I cannot wait till we can do this again next year! Together we reached about 10% of the foster children in the State of Arizona and gave them the best spring break weekend they could ever have at Enchanted Island! Thanks for making a difference in the lives of these sometimes forgotten children! Thanks for freely giving your amusement park at no charge for this event! You are making a difference in our city! Great is your reward!

God Bless!

Jeff Jayne
Grace Walk Community Church
Children’s Pastor
PDF Click to Download



I wanted to let you know how great it was partnering with you and the Enchanted Island on Youthfest 2011!  You and your staff were great to work with! You guys should be very proud for what you did for almost 2000 foster children and their families. We cant wait for the next one….

Grady Carlson, Lieutenant
Phoenix Police Department
Estrella Mountain Precinct


I am so delighted that Enchanted Island is still in operation, as our children can enjoy it as much as I used to do. We were at the park yesterday from open at 10 a.m. until approximately 2:30 p.m., and I just wanted to take the time to let you all know that your employees made the time even more enjoyable. (I tried to get everyone’s name to ensure recognition and my spelling may be incorrect as I scribbled on a napkin.)

Samantha and Gracilia were in the snack bar/ticket purchase and were very nice and hospitable. We enjoyed a #3 hamburger and a Slurpee as well, and all was good and done in an expeditious manner. I find I failed to get the man’s name that was at the grill, but good burger!

Your ride staff was Delicia, (one that my son took a liking to as “she has a nice smile”), Ivan, Aaron, Jose, Tristan, Thomas and William. Each one of the ride staff was diligent on maintaining and ensuring the safety measures of belt tightening, height requirements and even ensuring that the gates were latched before the start of the ride. They were all friendly and kind to all the children.  Some parents did not keep as watchful an eye, but your staff was good at maintaining a peaceful atmosphere and had tact on handling the situations that arose.

Many times, people take the time to complain or find fault with things, I wanted to take the time to make sure that the staff got recognition, say I was impressed and give a compliment and a heartfelt thank you!

Warm Regards,
Diane Chaplin
Buckeye, AZ


Enchanted Island is great to work with. They are committed to our event and help me a great deal each year. In order to work with me, you have to be a step ahead of the game at all turns. I plan very large conventions which entail literally thousands of details with meeting planners, so my expectations are very high. The sales team along with the entire staff of Enchanted Island Amusement Park and Encanto Park have consistently exceeded the expectations of myself as well as the nearly 400 associates and their family members each year. Their team consistently delivers exceptional service to our function and quite frankly, without them, the event just wouldn’t be the same. Enchanted Island creates a friendly, family atmosphere during our event. One of the common comments we hear from our associates each year is “What and event… everyone was so friendly!” We at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix appreciate the partnership we have enjoyed with Encanto Park and Enchanted Island Amusement Park over the years. Thank you for allowing us to work closely with your team! The picnic coordinator is certainly a huge asset for your organization.

Brent H. Grimes, CMP, LES
Sr. Convention Services Manager
Hyatt Regency Phoenix

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Thank you very much for all the hard work in getting PBS&J set up for our Annual Company Picnic this last weekend. We appreciate all the help, food and fun that you provided us. Our staff and familymembers had a great time.

Cheri Hanson
Executive Operations Coordinator
Employee Activity Committee Chair
PBS&J Phoenix Office

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J. R. McDade Co., Inc. would like to express our thanks on behalf of the employees and subcontractors and their families to you and your staff for hosting our annual company picnic. Everyone enjoyed the food you served and the attention to detail paid to us by you and your staff. The picnic just gets better and better each year that you have hosted it. The pride you and your staff take shows in the service you provide. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Julie DeBoer
Picnic Coordinator
J.R. McDade Co., Inc.


Our compliments to you and your staff for providing the best Sun Land Beef Co. employees’ picnic in the history of the company. Everything went well and we look forward to many future events at Enchanted Island.

Eric Laubach
Director of Human Resources
Sun Land Beef Co.


The annual Rodeos and Family Fiestas that CEMEX has organized for our 2,000+ Arizona employees and their families at Enchanted Island have been a great success – and have been very much enjoyed by each and every one! A great deal of the success of our event is due to your hard work and meticulous attention to detail. Each year you have assisted us in planning the picnic, suggesting new and exciting games, inflatables and competitions. Each year, the picnic is better and runs more smoothly than the previous year! The tables, food and games are set up and ready to go when we arrive. The DJ is in place. All we have to do is walk in. Just wanted to let you know that you and your “worker bees” are greatly appreciated for all you do to accomplish a spectacular day for our employees.

Thank you.

Bob Rackley
Regional Health & Safety Manager


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